Thursday, 26 June 2008

Click Event : Yellow for Bri

Honey for recuperation, the words that was exact to an illustration how honey to have much benefits for our health.
May this honey also bring recovery for our friend Briana, that was fighting to oppose breasts cancer...
I was sympathetic with Bri, coz’ in my family previously cancer had attacked my older brother and my father, so stay strong Bri…, it is hoped you get well soon.... I was prayed for you from here....

honey for healing


This photo i was sent to click photo event this month with the theme yellow.
Thank you for Bee and Jai that always became the host and gave the opportunity for me.
More about click this month let see here


  1. matepp!!!!!!!! pokok ke. simple trus enak dipandang Ma. Ma blog lo yg BS satu lagi dah gk ada yah?

  2. pa kabar say..??/, hehehe..dirimu tuh yg makin okeh.., BS masih tp blm ku utak atik lagi maklum baru nyampe gurun lagi neeh..

  3. seperti komen di MP

    kereeeennnnnnnnnnn as always

  4. nice shot :)
    lam kenal ya mbak

  5. thanks Ma buat congrat nya:)

    btw, ikutan event foodie photography buat 17agustusan yah. info liat di BS gw. Ikut... yah.. biar seru.
    Ini ada hadiahnya. list hadiah sama juri menyusul.

    ok ditunggu partisipasinya.


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