Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Young Coconut Ice

Qatar at this time has entered the summer season..., the weather began was felt to be sultry.., Now the time to make fresh and cold food .. like yesterday i made ice cocopandan with sweet condensed milk.., only by mixing ice cubes, syrup cocopandan, the young coconut, then was splashed with sweet condensed milk... fresh and delicious...!!


Because in here wasn't the spring season but apparently the bougenville flowers represented the atmosphere of it.., the leaves began to be falling dam and to dry up until later the summer season came.

So, this picture my entry for click event with theme Spring/autumn this month at jugalbandi


more fun with click follow this link Spring/Autumn


  1. beautiful, as always. thank you, ema.

  2. your welcome Bee and thank's to arranged this event..:)

  3. another icecream .. yummy :-) .. looks delicious! XOXO

  4. Mbak Ema, goodluck di Click...fotonya bagus bener...!

  5. yum yumm ice cream... my fav ^^
    I have cooking blog too, boleh tukeran link????
    makasi :)

  6. hi ema - found you through click and was excited to see you live in qatar. i will be moving there (again) in july! great photography!


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