Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Souq Waqif in the night

Couple week ago, me with my family to go to doha as always in the week end.., to find some different atmosphere after the busy days...

When my eyes catching some glowing light in the sky.., i know we are very near with the place that live every night because of the stories and all about that we are can find inside....SOUQ WAQIF.

souq waqif7

I’m very enthusiastic entering and walking around......, Followed the stone road or alleyways that stretched from the end at the end.. with each side in filled people who relaxed in the restaurant, antiques shops, or only walking and sightseeing...

Old buildings has been finished in renovation and reconstruction.. brought my illusion to the 1001 nights tales.. in Arabian world stories.. moreover the atmosphere at night was beautiful..

souq waqif4

souq waqif3

souq waqif9

souq waqif2

souq waqif1

Unfortunately at that time we could not for a prolonged there, everything was difficult to get the vacant seat in restaurant that we’re was wanted, suddenly my husband felt sick on his feet and did not enable walking around.

souq waqif5

souq waqif6

Finally we went from there but .... i was still wanting to visit many places especially paths inside...... someday i will come back again...,.... So...Souq waqif waiting for me....!!

souq waqif8

Souq waqif mean "Standing Market"...., is a magical place that entices visitors with its extraordinary cultural heritage. It is made up of narrow winding streets that reveals matchless architectural treasures created by countless generations of artists. with its high walls small windows and wooden portals, the quarter is imbued with a charm all of its own.
( The quotation from the article Muhamed Ali Abdullah )

more far about it you can read here :


  1. Nice Picture, Mbak Ema.
    Woooh, I like the red-green kettles on your pic :)

  2. thank's van..., red n green kettles...? hehehe me too.., unfortunately i forgot to ask about it's price, may be another time...


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