Sunday, 24 August 2008

summer fresh

The summer season in Qatar still was going.., hot weather and sometimes had the dust-storm, the temperature in general 40-45 degrees celcius, humidity 80-100 %, if not having the urgent need better we stay at home.... :), kasiannn yaa..:(

Last week my husband went to whole market and bought several box sweet mango, because of that, I made ice-cream with the mixture mango and the orange, so with combining about the sweet and sour made it fresh taste.

My home made ice-cream better than us bought in the shops especially because of ingredients that we were used more natural and fresh…

I think you all agreed with me..:)

After making the ice-cream I take some photos of the citrus. with slices orange in glass that contained water.., very pleasant also played with water.., so here the results.

This photo below for click event this month with theme "CITRUS" at jugalbandhi with the nice hosts Bee and Jai.

Here more about Click event.


  1. that is gorgeous. thank you, ema.

  2. syeger...pas nih ama qatar yang lagi summer:)

  3. oh la la! i say--you are zeee winner!

  4. Bee : thank you for your event too..

    vivi : hiyaaah..., kebetulan bapaknyad arrell lg rajin beli buah vi..:)

    mallory elise : hehee..i kow you're just kidding, but thank you for coming..

    Nirmala : thank you nirmala..:)

  5. gileeee... itu keren banget mbak ? bs pake prosumer ?

    *latian harus gigih nih klo gitu*

    oya met puasa ya mbak, maaf lahir batin juga :)

  6. cantik banget Mbak..
    memang dirimu teope kalo soal motret

  7. Mbak Emaaa...! Selamat ya. Fotonya menang!!! Emang te-o-pe banget fotonya. Kereeen!


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