Monday, 20 October 2008

( PP : Intricate ) : Ukiran Kayu

This is my entry for Picture perfect on this week with the theme "Intricate"

The photograph of ukiran kayu mean " Wood Carving" was taken in June 2008 with Camera Sony H9, when I went to go on holiday in Bandung Indonesia.

This artwork was gotten in the wall of Factory Outlet Rumah Mode Bandung.

If being seen really complicated this ukiran, I was very amazed with his craftsmen,with the spirit of their art.

Do you know..., Almost all the provinces in Indonesia had art wood carved with the typical special characteristics , but the most popular are from Jepara Central Java and Bali.

Note : i added a little brightness,frame and signature.

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  1. salam.saya begitu tertarik dengan ukiran ini.adakah ingin dijual?berapa harganya?email saya,


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